PC20 Abdominal Curl - Back extension

Biceps curl - Triceps extension

PC20 Chest press - Shoulder press

PC20 Dual Extension - Leg Curl

PC20 Multihip

PC20 Dual Biceps - Triceps Pulley

PC20 Squat - Standing Calf

PC20 Lateral Raise

PC20 Glute kick machine

PC20 Glute Drive

PC20 Lateral Raise - Clip Chest

PC20 Dual High - Low Pulley

PC20 Pectoral Fly

PC20 Lying Leg Curl

PC20 Dual Abductor - Adductor

PC20 Assisted Chin-up

PC20 Seated Leg Press

PC20 Back Extension

PC20 Abdominal Crunch

PC20 Triceps Extension

PC20 Biceps Curl

PC20 Seated Leg Curl

PC20 Leg Extension

PC20 Converging Shoulder Press

PC20 Converging Seated Row

PC20 Converging Vertical Press

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