108103 - Biomedic System Conical pulley Eccotek Training Force


BRAND: Byomedic System


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It is an inertial, eccentric, and concentric training machine that improves muscle strength and power training processes. It prevents injuries and is an ideal complement to reinforce joint stability.

Technical characteristics:

  • Offers a system free of resistance to gravity using the cone of rotational inertia with a cam variable, storing the energy of the athlete and provided through a concentric contraction that releases the energy back to the user, which dissipates during eccentric contraction.
  • It allows us to imitate the sports gestures of any discipline, generating a great variety of exercises making them more efficient.
  • It uses rotation technology through its exclusive cone.
  • It offers four adjustment modes that allow the user to customize speed and strength to the sports gesture.
  • Chronojump built-in optical sensor to control the parameters of force, power, speed, etc …
  • Length: 50 cm.
  • Width: 31 cm.
  • Height: 54 cm.
  • Weight: 18 kg.
  • USB Cable.
  • Chronopic hardware (request)
  • 18 Counterweights.
  • 4 pine nuts.
  • Carabiner, Brake, and Grip.
  • 5 meters of rope.
  • 2 Rope Transmitter Pulleys.
  • Fluted cone for optimal rope hold.