Dual Functional Cable Trainer


BRAND: Etenon


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  • Technical characteristics
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Aluminum pulleys with bearings. They ensure fluid movement and provide an almost unlimited range of exercises.
  • Each arm rotates vertically and horizontally through 12 adjustments that allow to execute any type of movement. The arms are counter-balanced to facilitate placement.
  • The 234 cm. of cable in each of the arms allow a complete range of extension and flexion exercises.
  • The weight  stacks are covered to guarantee the safety of the user. Dual weight plates allow two users to train simultaneously.
  • The Dual Cable Trainer is built with 11 and 7 gauge steel and finished with an electrostatic process with powder coating.
  • A 3: 1 ratio has been incorporated into this 2nd generation Dual Cable with the same movement resistance but with less weight.
  • The grips can move independently offering a multitude of exercises.
  • Length: 130 cm.
  • Width: 318 cm.
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Weight of the machine: 350 kg.
  • Weight Stacks: 136 kg. (68 kg. in each tower).