Eccopower Squat yoyo platform


BRAND: Byomedic System


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  • Technical characteristics
  • Dimensions and weight
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  • The innovation of Eccopower Training Force® – Squat: the principle of using a flywheel for resistance exercises in isoinertial machines.

Technical characteristics:

  • Designed for use in High Performance Sports, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation workouts, as well as specific workouts to increase power in the quadriceps.
  • It builds power, speed, and strength very quickly, as it loads the muscle to the max throughout the full range of motion of any contraction.
  • Improves power and speed and encourages hypertrophy greater than any gym weights.
  • It recruits more motor units and therefore more muscle fibers than functional weights.
  • In addition, it combats muscle atrophy and bone loss, stimulating healthy tendons.
  • The user chooses to regulate the intensity of eccentric overload.
  • Allows lateral, frontal and transverse height adjustment.
  • Length: 145 cm.
  • Width: 50 cm.
  • Height: 28 cm.
  • Weight: 28 kg.
  • Pulley Tape transmitter that will not tear or fray.
  • 2 lateral stops for feet, transverse stop for calves and lateral launch platforms.
  • 3 flywheels of 8, 15 and 30 mm. that can be attached at the same time.
  • Chronojump measuring system to assess concentric / eccentric force, speed, power, etc. Free for MAC, Windows and Linux.