Hack V-Squat


BRAND: Etenon


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  • Technical characteristics
  • Dimensions and weight
  • 2 stainless steel weight plate holders.
  • Fireproof, antibacterial and sweat resistant upholstery.
  • Tube 50 x 80 mm.
  • Powder coated structure for total fixation and high resistance.
  • High quality industrial bearings.
  • Configuration of the structure at right angles (90º) to guarantee a perfect structural adaptation. This allows for natural movement which avoids overloading the back and knees.
  • Material: Q235 steel like the rest of the machines in the AS20 range.
  • Counterweight that allows to start the exercise with less resistance.
  • Lever to release the load lock at the start and end of the exercise.
  • Lateral grips at shoulder height to stabilise the user during the exercise.
  • Backrest support divided into two zones for back/head and lumbar/gluteal support as well as shoulder pads.
  • Footplate with wear-resistant, non-slip coating.
  • Length: 245 cm.
  • Width: 130 cm.
  • Height: 158 cm.
  • Weight: 220 kg.
  • Initial weight without weight plates: 32 kg.
  • Maximum load: 450 kg.