Intenza 12" Console Treadmill - Elliptical Treadmill 450 Series


BRAND: Intenza


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  • Technical characteristics
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Display Indicators: Displays information relevant to product type during exercise.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Polar® coded wireless telemetry technology: Built-in heart rate receiver (heart rate transmitter strap required).
  • Digital contact heart rate technology ensures accuracy and reliability.
  • On the fly: Allows you to switch to other training programmes during exercise.
  • Power Saving System: Power saving mode is used to minimise power consumption (no more than 0.5 W) which meets ErP CE 1275/2008 requirements.
  • MYE Audio: Optional accessories are compatible with the MYE audio receiver.
  • Uni-Dial™ Control: Full access and control of user interface functions and settings with the convenience of Uni-Dial™.
  • Standard C-SAFE power supports external tool power supply.
  • Display Type: Large white light LED message centre easily provides all necessary information.
  • Language: 7 languages available.
  • Training Options: Fitness Test, Quick Start, Target Program, Advanced Program (Available programs depend on product type).
  • Wrapped in laser-etched aluminium, the non-slip, non-slip bevelled sides offer unrivalled functionality and control during workouts.
  • Available in the following products:
  • Screen Size: 12″.