Intenza Climber Serie E


BRAND: Intenza


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  • Technical characteristics
  • Dimensions and weight

Inclination: from 20 to 40 degrees.
Programs: 20 training programs. Includes fitness test. It allows to change the training program during the exercise.
Custom settings: when a USB is detected, users can customize their age, gender, weight, alarms. The intelligent machine will automatically prioritize the custom configuration and training routine when you log in.
Indicators on screen: HR, Time, METS, Calories, Distance, Level, SPM, Training summary and training program.
Cardiac pulse monitoring: it has a built-in heart rate receiver (heart rate transmitter strap is required) and also has digital contact heart rate technology, which guarantees high precision and reliability.
Energy saving system: complies with the standards of the European Directive 2013.
USB connectivity: for custom workouts, training results, personal settings, InCare ™ and software update. Adjustable legs to guarantee its stability.
Safety sensor: the infrared sensor slows down the climber to avoid accidents when the user may be in danger. 2 spacious holders for storage of water bottles and accessories. Quick access levers to speed settings and step height. Rails designed ergonomically to give a good support and comfort to the user during training. Assistance step to access and download easily.

Length: 193 cm.
Width: 86 cm.
Height: 213 cm.
Weight: 335 kg.
Maximum user weight: 181 kg.
Step: 20 steps. Length 54 cm. Width 26 cm.
Adjustable height of the step: from 10 to 20 cm.

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