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  • Technical characteristics
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Plyometrics, also known as jumping training, is designed to help athletes of all levels accumulate energy and explosiveness. Using the plastic, which is part of the Reebok functional range, can increase leg strength, strength and jumping, which ultimately leads to better performance for specific sports, and even more speed.
    The Reebok Plyo Stack can also be used as a tactile signal to assess and improve the depth of your squat position.
    Reebok PlyoStack has a 5-level design, with double-density foam platforms that provide variable jumping heights of 7.5 cm., 15 cm., 30 cm., 45.5 cm. and 61 cm., which allows you to customize and establish new records.
    The frequency jump box was designed with this material for the concern of possible injuries when using harder materials. For this reason, and with safety in mind, the Reebok PlyoStack is made to be stable and soft enough to avoid injury to the legs or knee. An ideal platform for a perfect landing, the plyo foam boxes are fixed to each other with velcro straps, ensuring that they do not slip when stacked.
  • 7.5 cm.    – RSAC-10100-075
  • 15 cm.     – RSAC-10100-150
  • 30 cm.     – RSAC-10100-300
  • 45.5 cm.  – RSAC-10100-455
  • 61 cm.     – RSAC-10100-610