PTT02 Shoulder Press Bench


BRAND: Etenon


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  • Technical characteristics
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Structure. Constructed in 3 mm. steel oval tube.
  • Painting. The painting process of the machines is carried out in a four-layer treatment tunnel, which offers an absolute guarantee against corrosion. The first layer is degreased and hot phosphatized. The second one is a prefosphated at room temperature. In the third one proceeds to hot phosphating. And finally, the structure is covered with epoxy powder paint.
  • Upholstered. It is made with 3 cm. foam rubber. of thickness and 150 kg. of pressure. The leatherette is flame retardant and porous. The upholstery of the machines is anatomical.
  • Grip. In rubber.
  • Bench:
    • Length: 174 cm.
    • Width: 138 cm.
    • Height: 190 cm
    • Weight: 114 kg.
  • Platform:
    • Length: 56 cm.
    • Width: 38.5 cm.
    • Height: 37 cm
    • Weight: 18 kg.
  • Backrest: 60 x 30 x 7 cm.
  • Seat: 35.5 x 29 x 7 cm.