Scalate Stairclimber 450 Ci2


BRAND: Intenza


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  • Technical characteristics
  • Dimensions and weight
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  • On-screen displays: Heart Rate, Time, METS, Pace Height, Calories, Level, Floor, Pace per Minute, Workout Summary, Workout Profile.
  • Heart rate monitoring: Polar® coded wireless telemetry technology. It has a built-in heart rate receiver (heart rate transmitter strap required) and also features digital contact heart rate technology, which ensures high accuracy and reliability.
    • On-the-fly: Allows switching to other training programmes during exercise
    • Energy Saving System: The energy saving mode is used to minimise power consumption (no more than 0.5 W) which meets ErP CE 1275/2008 requirements.
  • Optional accessories are compatible with the MYE audio receiver.
  • Full access and control of user interface functions and settings with the convenience of Uni Dial™.
  • Standard C-SAFE power supports external tool power supply.
  • Optional C SAFE connectivity facilitates data transfer (available on request)
  • Industrial-grade 12” TFT colour LCD display for extended service life
  • Incare™ Online: Intelligent machine automatically detects when service is needed and sends a service diagnostic via Wi Fi.
  • 23 languages available.
  • Screensaver: Upload 10 image files for commercial messages or advertisements to be displayed during pause.
  • Wi-Fi-fi capability: Supports InCare™ Online, software update.
  • USB connectivity: For configuration and software update
  • Safety Sensor: Infrared sensor slows down the ladder to prevent accidents when the user is in danger.
  • Use of magnetic control generator brake system to achieve a range of 16 to 180 Steps Per Minute.
  • The fitness test determines the individual’s fitness level according to VO2 max standards. The test method includes WFI and CPAT.
  • Quick Start is a manual workout.
  • Target programs: Time (1 99 minutes), Distance (1 999 floors), Calories (10 2500Kcals) 10 Preset programs: The main training types are: Interval, Hilly, HIIT.
  • Heart Rate Control: Heart rate control programmes in constant power mode: Heart Rate Zone, Interval, Hill, Cardiovascular Strength.
  • The race programme offers a fun challenge by competing against existing champions for 20, 40 or 80 flat races.
  • Offers a new and unique training option: Users can choose from 31 benchmarks with different heights and floors.
  • Length: 193 cm.
  • Width: 86 cm.
  • Height: 213 cm.
  • Weight: 318 kg.
  • Maximum user weight: 181 kg.
  • User height range: 147 cm to 193 cm.
  • Step: 31 cm high step.
  • Step length: 54 cm.
  • Step width: 26 cm.
  • Adjustable step height: 10 to 20 cm.


  • 2 spacious holders for water bottle and accessory storage Spaciously designed for comfort and convenience
  • Manual lever change for speed and pace (Height, set in an easily accessible position) during the workout.
  • Ergonomically designed handlebars with support for maximum comfort in different positions.
  • Quick access keys to quickly increase or decrease speed and step height.
  • Gross shipping weight: 414 kg.