Treadmill V8T


BRAND: Etenon


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  • Technical characteristics
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Also Includes
  • Packaging
  • Display: Interactive touch screen 18.5″ panoramic.
  • Pulse range 50 – 140.
  • Display functions: time, speed, incline, distance, pulse and calories.
  • 24 programs.
  • Quick control of the inclination to the left and speed to the right.
  • Pulse control in hand grip and wireless via bluetooth.
    • Motor: 3 HP AC . 6 HP.
    • Maximum speed 20 km/h.
    • Inclination up to 18% (18 levels).
  • Tilt/speed touch control.
  • Calorie mode: control the amount of calories you want to lose. The machine stops when that amount is reached.
  • Landscape’ mode: the client visualizes landscapes, making running more enjoyable and immersive.
  • Distance mode: select a distance from X to Y, to make the run on the treadmill.
  • Time mode: The basic mode for treadmills. Set a time to be on the treadmill and after passing the countdown it turns off.
  • Heart rate monitor mode: depending on the heart rate, the treadmill will lower or raise the intensity.
  • Quick Start: The quick mode. Press it and the treadmill turns on with the basic program.
  • It has Media library (music/video) that the client can run during the exercise.
  • It has bluetooth compatibility. You can connect devices to bluetooth as airpods, or speakers.
  • Also cell phones. The cell phone can be displayed on the console.
  • It has Wifi connection.
  • Runing surface: 550 x 1550 mm.
  • Set up size: 2160 x 890 x 1480 mm.
  • Net. weight: 166 kg.
  • Max user weight: 180 kg.
  • Standby power saving function.
  • Pedrometer function.
  • Start warning light.
  • Mp3 and Headset connect function.
  • Packaging weight: 240 kg