The Real Club Padel Marbella is a centre that has managed to capture the attention of the public thanks to its excellent facilities. These include a 600 m2 outdoor gym, with a fitness room equipped with state-of-the-art machines adapted for all types of muscle work and an outdoor area to perform different activities such as bodybuilding. There are classes aimed at all levels and audiences such as Cross Training, Calisthenics, Boxing, Suspension Training and much more.

When was the centre opened?
11 years ago.

How many members are there?
More than 1000.

What can you expect?
One of the best sports centres, focused on commitment to our members.

What is the club´s strength? What sets the club apart from the competition?
We are a team is striving to improve at all times. We always try to do our best so that all of our members leave as satisfied as possible.

How does the club use to communicate with members?
We use WhatsApp for reservations (and email).

What facilities are available?
The facilities are modern. In the gym we have the interior room and also an incredible outdoor area with lots of machinery. Ten latest generation padel courts, restaurant with an extensive menu, hairdresser and salon.

What activities are on offer?
Private or group padel lessons, personal training, mix-in (padel activity), summer camp for children, gym activities, cross, trx, calisthenics, boxing, gap etc.

What services are the most popular?
Personal training and private padel lessons.

What are the most popular activities?
MIX-IN, private padel or gym classes.

What trends in the fitness sector are expected in the next year?
We improve every day. We are working in groups and bringing more clients from outside. Our goal is to make ourselves known to the world not only on the coast but in different countries of Europe.

How important is the training of the instructors to the centre?
Training is essential since we have clients of all kinds; professional tennis players who need specific training, padel professionals who need to teach padel tennis and train physically. Additionally there are people who may have an issue so we have to detect this and give them specific training.

What are the plans for the centre?
We have somethings in mind, but I don’t think we will reveal the secrets yet. Our most desired plan is to continue growing as we do every day.

Data sheet:

  • Name of the center: Real Club Padel de Marbella
  • Space in m2: 12000
  • Location: C / Rio Amazonas S / N
  • Interviewee: Salome Simonishvili
  • Position: Responsible for all departments.
  • Center website:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
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